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  • TJ Shaver

Another city destroyed by peaceful protests

I’m not blaming democrats. They have been in charge of Philadelphia for so long I think they are the ones that cracked the Liberty Bell, but I’m sure they aren’t to blame. They are refusing to let police do their jobs and shut down the riots even though police are having bricks thrown at their heads, they are being run over by cars, and 30 of them have already been injured, but I’m sure the democrats have a good reason for letting their city be destroyed and their cops attacked. The reason they are letting black communities be destroyed is because the police killed a man who was approaching them with a knife and refused to drop it and would not stop or listen to them. If anyone is wondering why the cops didn’t just shoot to injure, here is a quote from someone who is not a complete idiot,

“Life isn’t a movie. Under 20 feet someone with a knife has the advantage and can stab you in the face multiple times before you discharge your weapon. Shooting to injure means shooting to miss, shooting to hit innocent bystanders, shooting to stall so that maybe you can say a quick prayer before you get stabbed in the face. Grow up, learn something, quit making emotional arguments based on movies, see the world the way it is, a broken, violent place filled with people who will do bad things and hurt other people.”

The Joe Biden approach of “shoot them in the legs” is already being parroted by a wolf on CNN, and is an incredibly stupid argument. The femoral artery is in the leg. That ends the debate even if it isn’t the 15th best reason to not shoot someone in the leg. Democrats continue to make excuses for violent criminals who rape and kill and riot and loot and destroy the city where hard working Americans are trying to make a living. These hard working Americans in Philadelphia and most democrat run cities that are being destroyed are usually people of color, but democrats don’t care, because they don’t really care about anything except power. I would quote Joe Biden here but we all know he has nothing to say about anything, all he does is hide in his basement and emerge occasionally to say things like “Violence is bad” which doesn’t count as saying anything. I’m not blaming the democrats but it’s their fault and they continue to let it happen.

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