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Always trust the doctors

You hear it all the time these days. We have to listen to the experts. We have to listen to the scientists. We have to listen to the doctors. They are right. We do.

Except for notorious serial killer H.H. Holmes. He was a doctor. He also admitted to killing 27 people but some Experts believe he killed as many as 200. He was hanged in 1896 but still, to be on the safe side, let's not listen to him.

We have to listen to them though. They have the knowledge. Except for guys like Joseph Michael Swango, a doctor who poisoned 60 of his patients. He is now serving three consecutive life terms without parole. He’s still alive but I don’t know if we should even ask his opinion on things like lockdowns and quarantines. I can’t imagine he would understand.

We are in a crisis and we have to place all of our trust in medical professionals, I can’t say it enough. Unless your doctor is named John Bodkin Adams. That guy will put you in a coma, then put himself into your will, before finally killing you. Pretty mean fellow. He was accused of killing over 100 people and that really makes me question not only his character, but his medical expertise as well. I don’t think we should trust this guy. I just don’t.

This is no time to get picky. If someone is a doctor, we have to trust their opinion. Not Harold Shipman though. That guy gives me the creeps. He also killed 250 of his patients, which seems like a lot but it was spread over 23 years making it seem like a little bit less but still makes him the most prolific serial killer of all time. I’m gonna go ahead and take him off the list of those we should be listening to. He’s a real jerk.

The point is, we have to listen to the doctors. They have the knowledge, they know all the things. We must trust them.

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