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ACB wants you to suffer and die

The confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett, or ACB as she’s known to me and only me because I made it up, is happening. She seems like a nice lady but the democrats are there to warn us about who she really is. Unlike serial gang rapist Brett Kavanaugh, ACB has yet to be accused of a plethora of crimes she hasn’t committed. However, she is planning to overturn any policy that helps Americans. She wants old people and sick people to suffer, and after they’ve suffered for long enough, she wants them to die. That includes you. Alleged Vice Presidential candidate and former narc Kamala Harris performed this speech today,

“This woman... wants to take away our rights. Our right to murder our babies before they can even be born. Our right to never be sick and to always have someone else pay for our healthcare. Our right to abortion. Our right to have free healthcare. Our right to avoid responsibility by murdering the baby inside of you. Also, our right to free healthcare. These are all at stake.”

Kamala must have been sincere because her voice was shaky and a couple times she sounded like she might cry. Cory Booker put on a good performance as well with a speech you know he rehearsed in front of his bathroom mirror all night last night. He is the biggest clown to ever call himself Spartacus. The rest of the hearing was more of the same. Democrats keep claiming that if a poll says Americans want something, that not doing it is unconstitutional. We may be nearing peak clown world, if indeed it is even possible for clown world to peak. King of clown world Cory Booker shared this parting gem,

“Americans must vote. Americans must vote. Americans must vote. Did you guys get that? Dude that camera panned off of me right on the second line, and that was the heart of it all. That was the climax of my speech. Ok, put that camera here, steady, the whole time. Don’t move. Americans must vote. Americans must vote. Americans must vote. Boom! That felt so good. Why are you still rolling turn i...”

Long live the King.

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