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Biden "kids aren't human" Kids "stop sniffing me"

Evangelical abortion activists everywhere have lost the argument about the morality of abortion so often for so long that they've finally started admitting that it is indeed murder, but they still support it anyway. Science doesn’t support the ethics of abortion and the more advanced our technology gets the closer we get to proving that conception is where human life begins. Former lifeguard, idiot, and rabid abortion enthusiast Joe Biden recently said the bad part out loud when he said he likes kids more than people, which is either a freudian slip or a senility slip, I’ll be happy to hear a democrat admit either one. It’s also a questionable thing to say for a recovering shampoo addict who gets caught relapsing every time a pre-pubescent head is unfortunate enough to be caught downwind and down-snout of the ol’ follicle fondler. Before I had a chance to say 12-step program the struggling Head&Shoulders hound fired off this message,

“Look fat, I mean Jack, I mean come on man, just let me get one hit off that beautiful head of hair you got up there, what is that Herbal Essences? I can sniff an H.E. head a mile and a half away, look at the data. When I said I love kids more than people, I didn’t mean they aren’t human… I meant I love when they rub my legs and jump on my lap, as I’ve said many times before. Now quit messin’ about and let me do a line of your scalp…”

I don’t use Herbal Essences. Biden has barely been on camera since being elected, or since he announced he was running for that matter. He is clearly losing what little mind he ever had, and the results are pretty glorious. Before the election he admitted building the biggest voter fraud organization in history, and then stole an election. He said 600 million vaccines is enough for 300 people and boom! everyone in America died because Joe Biden is a holy man and his words are infallible. He now says kids aren’t human, and just like that... they are no longer human. A former child had this to say regarding the state of his personhood,

“I’m still real. Are you an idiot or something?”

We need to cancel this child for hate speech.

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