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  • TJ Shaver

"Abolish police" gains steam; blows gasket

The growing movement to “defund the police” has been gaining steam as more Democrats are endorsing it every day. Then people started saying they wanted to do more than defund, they wanted to abolish the police. Minneapolis is in the process of doing it right now and Seattle wants to do the same. After the New York Times published an opinion article making it clear that they want the police force gone completely, this is what I’m hoping to hear from any Democrat anywhere,

“We don’t want to abolish the police. Our bad. We’ve allowed the radical left to make us go completely insane the past 3 years but we’ll stop now. We’re sorry.”

To be on the left means never having to admit you are wrong however. The Twitter mobs and literal mobs are demanding this and Democrats are too afraid to do anything other than give in. Democrat run cities are disintegrating into hellscapes straight out of a dystopian nightmare. No one had anything sane to say. The Mayors of these cities all said pretty much the same thing,

“We give up. Do whatever you want, just don’t kill us or say mean things about us or have us trending on Twitter.”

Good luck world.

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