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2020: Mostly peaceful but mainly horrific

It’s the last day of 2020 and if you are hoping things will start to improve in 2021, you are probably wrong. I’m not saying things can’t get better, it’s just that years are an arbitrary measure of time contrived by humans and the turning of a calendar that really only exists in our minds doesn’t really change the circumstances of anything. The problems we had this year weren’t caused by the year, they were caused by humans, and humans are still here. An expert on problems caused by humans shared this with me today in my therapy session,

“You need to take personal responsibility for your problems. That’s the only way things will improve. You’re so worried about the problems of the world but your own life is a mess, and you aren’t taking any steps towards solving either one of them.”

That guy was right, focusing on my own shortcomings is distracting me from fixing the problems of the world. I should just tell other people what they do wrong, because if I fix myself, I’m just one person, but if I fix other people, I can fix thousands. I’ll just confront them all on social media and tell them how they are inadequate or unseemly or rude, and I’ll make them be nicer by showing them how much I love them. If I fix people hard enough, I guarantee the media will become honest, racism will die, the virus will go away, and Donald Trump will admit that he’s a big jerk and he only wanted to be the President so he could kill everyone. The man who is about to save the world, me, has this to say,

“The therapist said to work on your own problems you clown.”

Well that was unseemly AND rude. I can be a real jerk some years.

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